Tips for using a sufficient wet-dry shop vacuum

In recent years, along with the development of society, people are busier with life, wet-dry shop vacuums have become an essential item for every family. It replaces items such as brooms, mops, … and dominates in cleaning all interior designs of the family: wooden floors, carpets, small nooks, cars … Therefore, nowadays, the number of people using this household appliance is increasing more and more. In the following article, I will share with you how to use the vacuum cleaner most effectively!

Periodic inspection of parts

A regular vacuum cleaner will have three main parts: dust chamber, filter, suction tube. If your device is new, you can be assured of the quality of its components before use. However, if the invention has been in use for 06 months or more, you should check it periodically or check the main parts of the machine.

Dust chamber if you vacuum for a long time and your home is not merely cleaning dust, but also have items that obstruct dust chamber such as cotton, hair, cloth. You should check Periodic inspection and, if necessary, can be taken to maintenance service to remove dust in the dust compartment. It would be best if you cleaned the dust compartment regularly.

As for the filter of the machine, it usually can be continuously changed, and you do not need to bring it to the store. Your home should regularly change the filter of the wet-dry shop vacuum to avoid causing cheek dirt, clogging the chamber of the machine.

With a machine with a long straw, you should regularly check for air leaks if there is a leak. Therefore, before using, you should review beforehand, avoid causing the phenomenon of compressed air can not be pushed up to vacuum.

Clean up items before starting to vacuum

One of the most effective ways to use a wet-dry shop vacuum is to clean things in the room before use.

Modern vacuum cleaners are brilliant in getting into the corners to vacuum dirt, clean these small nooks and crannies. However, to use effectively, you should tidy to prevent the machine from touching collapsing objects with small-sized and small-sized items that can be absorbed.

Use appropriate accessories

The regular vacuum cleaner will have 2-3 suction nozzles included with purchase. Depending on the amount of space you want to clean, you can choose the right suction surface.

For large spaces, large surfaces, you should use a regular nozzle.

When you use the wet-dry shop vacuum for the purpose: cleaning the bedsheets, curtains, … you use a flat nozzle, a small version to space.

And for spaces with much tiny dust, you should use a brush tip to sweep and at the same time vacuum these little objects best.

Adjust the length of straws appropriately

Typically, a set of equipment will come with 2-3 types of straws. Their effect is to take turns or support each other to vacuum your space.

If you need a considerable length of straw to facilitate moving in your space, or you want to suck dark areas such as ceilings, under beds, under cabinets. Then it would be best if you connected these types of vacuums to support efficient use.

In case you need to vacuum in small spaces: stairs, balconies, … you should shorten the length of the straw to avoid being shy during use.

Suction from top to bottom, from inside to outside

Compared to holding a broom or mop to move, moving a vacuum cleaner is much more difficult. Therefore, you should determine the direction of your vacuum in a specific house to run more smoothly. Usually, it will be moving in a direction from top to bottom, from inside to outside. Therefore, when you are finished using your foot, you will not make the spaces to be vacuumed and then dirty again.

The slow-moving nozzle is more effective

When you clean quickly, the wet-dry shop vacuum motor is still working, but the nose has not yet been able to adapt to space and vacuum up dirt. Therefore, one of the best ways to use a vacuum cleaner is to slowly move the vacuum head to each area and vacuum multiple times for a house cleaning. With each use, you spend two turns to your area and are optimally cleaned offline!

With tight spaces, you should move slowly to squeeze the suction head into the appropriate vacuum location, avoiding touching the nozzle too quickly will impact. And the cheeks will not be able to clean up dirt as you desire.

In conclusion

Above is information on how to use the vacuum cleaner effectively. Your device will work more efficiently and will last longer. Apply these methods today and share a lot with the people around you!

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