It’s like Arachnaphobia. But Real.

They could film Arachnaphobia II in my garage.  Or they could’ve before we evicted the spider colony that recently resided in here.  Remember when I replaced the garage door late last year?  Even though I have an oversized detached garage with a brand new door, I still use it for nothing more than an oversized shed.


Because my garage has this thing.  It breeds the largest spiders I’ve ever seen.  In my life.

If I ever had to enter the garage, I would do so very carefully.  Being mindful of any spiders that might try to attack from their invisible bungee cords.

One web got so big last year that we couldn’t even see through it.  That’s a true story.  And that’s exactly why I refuse to go into the garage, let alone park my vehicle within the infested area.

I realize that now Fall has begun, it’s probably time to actually share my summer projects.  Back in July, during my blogging hiatus, Justin and I were fed up with the infestation in the garage and decided to attack the suckers head on.

We bought 3 spider-killing foggers from Home Depot for $10.  Each fogger is good for 2,000 sq feet.  And with the garage being only about 500 square feet, we figured we were covered.

We set off one fogger, placed it on a stool in the middle of the garage, closed the door and waited.  Four hours later, we opened up the door and couldn’t help but notice that all the spiders looked to be happier hanging out in their hulk-sized webs than before we set it off!

So we did it again.  And then again.

Nothing.  Everyone was still alive and well.

That’s when we realized our current method wasn’t going to work.  The foggers weren’t doing their job.  Even though the garage is an enclosed area, it is old as dirt and there are weaknesses to it.  Gaps around one of the windows, no insulation, and one large garage door that probably doesn’t seal that well.  So we had to take a different approach.

We looked at the walls.  And realized what the issue was.

The walls of my garage are covered in brown peg board.  It is disgusting stuff full of water damage and mold.  I can only assume it’s been on the walls for the last 40 years.  And protecting the spiders and and their children hidden safely behind those walls.  Generation after disgusting generation.

The moisture in the peg board gathered over the last few decades must be what has drawn the spiders to the garage.  Well, that was our assumption.

So one summer day, Justin and I removed the aged walls.

We tore down all the peg board, and vacuumed out the 40 years worth of dirt, weeds, spiders and spider webs with my shop vac (that is now not allowed back into the house until it’s been de-tox’d).  Then we soaked sprayed the walls with Ortho Home Defense.  And when it dried, we sprayed them again for good measure.  (This is not a blog post on healthy living or natural alternatives – I would not recommend licking the walls of our garage).

And then we waited.

And guess what?  Not one spider has been spotted.

I spent all day in the garage while we held a garage sale.  I didn’t find any survivors or new tenants.

I’ve opened the door and eyed the place for a new web each week since we sprayed 2 months ago.  NADA.

So, the garage is not pretty on the inside, but it is an improvement from where it was.

We don’t know if we’ll ever do anything with the garage (like put walls back up or maybe paint).  Frankly, I don’t care what my garage looks like on the inside.  At least not right now. holylongtodolist.  I’m just happy that my house is no longer breeding guiness-book-worthy arachnids.

The spiders have been given a permament eviction.  At least from the garage.  Keep your fingers crossed that they haven’t moved onto the house.

And the cost of this project:  $40.

Well, that’s what my co-pay was at the urgent care facility that I visited after I stepped on a 3 1/2″ rusty nail.

The good news is that I now have my tetanus shot.  And the puncture hole from the nail only hurt for a day.

So, that’s what the garage oversized shed looks like.  Now maybe I’ll be brave enough to park my car in here overnight.

I still dream of a beatiful spider-free garage with an epoxy floor and floor-to-ceiling shelves of organizers.  But not today.  Today, I’m still dreaming of a paint color for the guest bedroom.  Or decorating my mantle for fall…

Have you madeover a garage? My parents just did theirs – complete with crown molding and a rubber floor.  It took 25 years of owning their home to do that…and my dad is retired so he has the time to hang crown molding in the garage.  I mean, who doesn’t hang crown molding in a garage…

Anyone else have crazy parents??   😉


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