Spring Window Shopping – Homegoods

When it comes to clothing and accessories, I’m not a shopper.  I either shop online or hit the mall to visit my one or two stores and then I get the heck out.  My wardrobe is much like my home decor – pretty neutral and classic with a few accent pieces.  I own two purses and ten pairs of shoes (including boots and sandals).

But when it comes to home decor, I can window shop for an entire day.  Once you get me into the Potterybarn Outlet it’ll be tough to get me out.  Justin (and my bank account) is lucky PB outlet is over an hour away.  I have mapped out the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ HomeGoods in the area and I’ve learned who gets the best inventory.  My friends and I are always swapping text messages with photos showing items we think the other would like.  So when my bff suggested that I write a post on window shopping at my favorite stores I was all for it!

On Sunday, I began an inauguarl window shopping trip to HomeGoods and took pictures of items I would consider taking home.  Enjoy!

First things first – if you’ve ever shopped HomeGoods, you know that the glass and kitchenware is right in front.  This is my favorite place to hit up for white serving dishes.  I love white dishes.  They are timeless and so easy to match from several different sources.  You can avoid being too matchy-matchy by snagging all different styles.  Below are a couple of serving dishes that I like.  The white pedestal bowl was $6.99, the bowl with the handles $9.99 (I collected a similar set of these from HomeGoods a year ago) and that cake stand in the back, only $12.99.  I think the serving platter was around $15.

My favorite way to add color to the kitchen is through drinking glasses and towels.  They are both easy enough to swap out as styles change.  I’m loving this color.  These towels would make a beautiful accent in any kitchen.  They were $7.99 and come in a set of 4.  I almost grabbed the set on the right….but alas, I don’t NEED them so they stayed there.

This aisle just makes me happy.  Outdoor cushions are in stock at HomeGoods.  And they go fast!  I tried looking for a set of 4 matching cushions last year in July.  Forget it.  They’re long gone by then!  If you need some cute cushions to accent your patio furniture these are a great deal.  Each set comes with two cushions for $29.99 – normally you can expect to pay at least $30 for each cushion!  I know this.  Last year I was on a hunt to get a good price on good quality cushions (you know, the kind where you can’t feel the furniture slats beneath), and $22 each on clearance at the end of the season was the best price I could find.

Outdoor furniture is finally out.  This means summer is right around the corner, right? This textured garden stool caught my eye.  It can be used as a side table, a stool or ottoman and adds a ton of texture and color to a little corner.  It was way overpriced at $79.99! I would check the clearance aisles for this in a few months.

This cage terrarium thing ($49.99) was in the outdoor aisle, but I wouldn’t let this sit outside.  It has my name all over it.  I can see it sitting on a buffet table or at the top of an armoire with candles in it, and maybe some greenery for Christmas.  I could even picture this being used to hold a bride and grooms cards at a rustic-style wedding. It’s much bigger than it looks in the pictures and it would be able to hold a couple hundred cards.

The pillow aisle in my weekness and my favorite way to add accent colors to my rooms.  But I can’t bring any more home.  There’s already a pillow on every chair in my house…including the dining room chairs.  So I saved them for you.  This robin’s egg blue (which looks more baby blue in this picture) caught my eye.  I can see it on a couch with a bunch of white and cream-colored pillows or even paired with coral or yellow.  Pillows at HomeGoods run between $16.99-$19.99 and most of them are stuffed with feathers (not stuffing like the Target ones).

f I found this seafan art 6 months ago when I was on a blue kick I would’ve snagged this.  This print was large at around 24″ high and was only $29.99.  I think the frame would look beautiful painted in white or black and hanging above a couch or in a hallway.

These canvas’s were a little high at $39.99 each, but they were also large scale.  I immediately imagined these hung above a white couch in a room with a coastal feel.  I really loved these so much, but I just don’t have a space for them.  Hm…maybe if I redo my office…. I also think this would be a great DIY project!! 

Okay, this shelf belongs in my house.  If Justin was with me he would’ve convinced me to drag this to the car…but I’m the “mull it over” kind of person so I walked away.  I have been looking for a shelf or cabinet for the kitchen (directly across from the basement stairs) and this would be so perfect.  Especially when stacked with white dishes.  Seriously.  I had to tear myself away from this.  Seeing the price definitely helped.  $399.99.  This was love at first sight.  We never even had a chance.  I will have dreams about storing potatoes and onions in those metal baskets tonight.  Ugh..I just noticed the casters.  I’m going to cry myself to sleep now.  Anyone know of a 50% off coupon??  

If you love garden stools they still have some at HomeGoods.  I found this guy in the clearance aisle.  Hold up…HG must’ve wisened up about their garden stool prices because it was marked down on clearance to $35.  That was the original price last year.  Sneaky, HG…very sneaky.

As I was leaving (empty handed), this gorgeous walnut Boos called my  name.  I have never seen a Boos cutting board at HG.  I may or may not have petted it.  If I didn’t already have my very own Boos I may have carried this out of the store under my shirt.  Justin’s mom and dad spoiled the heck out of me this year and surprised me with a Boos for Christmas – that’s right, they’re on target to become the best in-laws. Ever.  The HomeGoods pricing didn’t offer much discount, but if you’re in the market for a Boos then keep an eye out at HG for a little discount – and this walnut finish was stunning.

I hope you enjoyed a FREE shopping trip to HomeGoods! Psst…if you end up buying that shelf you are obligated to invite me over so I can stare at it. In a totally not creepy kind of way.


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