Spring Cleaning: Paint Supply Organizing

This week I am looking forward to doing a segment on Spring Cleaning.  Expect to see an array of different ways I’ve cleaned and organized my house.  If this isn’t your thang, then feel free to skip reading this week…

I. Love. To. Clean.  Seriously.  It’s how I relax.  There are nights when I stay up until midnight to dust the baseboards.  Because once I decide something needs to be done I have to tackle it.  Otherwise it will keep me up at night.  When I get in cleaning and organizing mode, nothing is safe.  Not even the dogs.

Lucy before and after; sporting her spring look.

I don’t even remember why I started shaving Lucy.  Maybe it was when we moved to California?  I don’t know.  Either way, it was genius.  Yeah, it’s a little high maintenance, but Lucy stays cleaner longer and she sheds minimally.  Dust accumulates on my hardwood floors way before dog hair.  I go from sweeping every 2-3 days to only having to sweep once a week or less!  I am a dog person (in case you haven’t been able to tell), but I hate the hair.  Perfect scenario, I can have my big, snuggly dog I love and only a fraction of the hair.
Anyway, on to more desperate areas of my house.  As part of my spring cleaning run, I tackled my paint supply shelves lingering in the basement.  Remember the last time I shared the updates in the basement?  The storage/laundry/workshop room was demanding attention.  I am finally starting to attack this mess.
One of the items I have really been itching to organize is my paint collection.  When I moved into the house I cleared out most of the paint from the previous owner since I didn’t plan on using any of the same paint colors (with the exception of the exterior paint).
Over the past 2 years, every square inch of my house has been painted.  Including hardware, furniture and light fixtures.  Which means that my spray paint supply and paint cans were growing out of control.
Here is a little glimpse at what the paint supply looks like now:
And what it looked like before:
I always wrote on the paint can with a sharpie what room the paint was used in.  However, I would still have to move around large cans while standing on my toes trying to locate the one can that looked like all the rest.  The new organized shelf offers me a full view of all colors and a label that clearly tells what color the paint is, what the sheen is and where in my house it was applied.
I found a few 1 qt empty paint cans at Ace on clearance for $1 each.  I bought 4 with the intent of organizing my paint storage.
I already had a few cans that are quart-sized (like the Chalkboard paint and the floor paint).  All I did for these was remove the original label and create a new label.
I had two gallon cans that had >1 qt of paint remaining.  I left the paint in their original cans, removed the label and replaced with my own.
That yellow paint can in the back is still brand new.  I got it on a really good sale from Pittsburgh Paints and purchased it untinted.  Whenever I get the itch to repaint a room I just have to take this down to the store to get tinted (for free).
For those paint cans that had 1 qt of paint or less left in the gallon can I scrapped out the paint with an old rubber scraper from the kitchen, sealed up the can (by pounding it with a rubber mallet) and placed a label on it.  These are just simple labels I printed up and cut out, sprayed with spray adhesive and stuck on.  I was able to clear out most of the large cans.
Each label states the brand, color, sheen and where it has been used.
I also have a little obsession with spray paint:
I had to dedicate at least 30 seconds to finding the correct color or finish while searching through this overflowing wooden crate.  Why I had them in a crate…no idea.  I’m glad I did though because I had forgotten that I had this.  Remember that crate – you might see it again soon 🙂
All I did was sort through the spray paint and organize it by finish and color.
Now I can clearly see which colors I have on hand.  No more searching and no more buying something I already own.
I also added a quick reference sheet for the entire house and adhered it to the shelf:
I can tell you exactly what the color is on every wall, floorboard and trim piece in my house.  This isn’t for my reference.  You’ve chosen godparents for your children, right? Or maybe created a will?  This is my guide to someone who has to care for my house should I sell it or should something happen to me.  No excuses for a faulty touch up on the baseboard with Ultra White Eggshell!  Now I can rest assured that there’s no mistake about what paint to use on any wall throughout the house.
A little OCD? Maybe.  But it helps me sleep at night.
Have you started your spring cleaning?  My spring cleaning really goes all year round.  I’m always looking for new ways to help make my home more organized and efficient.  Don’t be surprised if you get a tour of the paint shelves next time you visit.
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