February Mantle – a Very Valentine Wreath

Thank you so much to The Francis Family Blog for showcasing my Mason Jar Chandelier for the Dogs Day of Winter “Thrift-it” Challenge!  I was so excited to see that my project was chosen.  It made for very happy day!

While having my morning coffee last week, I looked up to notice that my beadboard ceiling is taking a beating this winter.  Last winter this happened and I spent a weekend caulking every panel and repainting the ceiling.  I figured since it was the first winter for the beadboard I would experience cracks from the wood shrinking.  Granted, not every seam has cracked (yet), but there are at least a half a dozen.  I didn’t think I would have to do this annually! These are the pine beadboard planks (not the sheets) and I primed the front back and sides of every board before installation and acclimated them to the house for 7 days prior to install.  Maybe it’s the brand of caulk? I used DAP Alex Fast Dry (all three times).  Maybe it’s just a yearly maintenance? Anyone else experience this? This could make me loathe beadboard. I don’t want to hate beadboard!!

So I spent my weekend caulking and painting a bunch of beadboard seams.  I wrapped up a few more things in the basement renovation (promise I’ll update soon), did a few DIY projects and crossed off a ton of to-do list stragglers that have been neglected.  I spent the majority of my Sunday touching up all the paint in the house, re-caulking and putting the finishing touches on a few crown and base moulding pieces.  I have offically finished all work on the main floor so that I can focus my DIY energy on the basement the next few weeks – I’m down to the wall paint, flooring and trim stage!

I was able to work on a few fun projects this weekend and I’m so excited to share them!  It was time to switch up the mantle so I created this fun look for February.  And I thought this would be a great project to share for the 3rd challenge of the Dogs Day of Winter Linky Party. This week is ‘Make-it.’ Please visit Liz Marie Blog to see what other fantastic ideas are being shared!  I’m also linking up with The Valentine’s Day Party at The Shabby Creek Cottage Blog

I have seen a similar method done on other blogs to make a heart-shaped wreath.  While hearts really aren’t my thing, I loved that the wreath had a ton of texture and it looked easy enough.  It really was easy!

I bought 10 sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ felt in pink from Michael’s.  I was able to get 8 circles from each piece of felt.  Which worked out perfect because it took 80 circles of felt to create this.  The worst part is cutting out these circles.  I cut the circles from the felt while I was letting a potato soup simmer (I was totally craving this soup for a week).  I used really sharp scissors – which allowed me to cut out 2-4 circles at a time by doubling up the felt and it ended up taking about 25 minutes..

Then I prepped the wreath form.

I covered the form with ribbon for two reasons.  One, it would dress up the back of the wreath, and it would  allow me to use a hot glue gun to adhere the felt circles.  The hot glue gun would melt the styrofoam form if I hadn’t covered it.  I had planned on using burlap to cover the form, but the burlap was in the back of my car and Justin had it…and since I’m not patient enough to wait 20 minutes I dug into my ribbon stash to find an alternative.  My grandma off-loaded this vintage ribbon on me when she was purging her gift-wrapping supplies.  This pink ribbon is probably older than me!

After the wreath was covered, I fired up the glue gun and starting the process of adding the felt circles.  First I folded one of the circles in half, and then folded it in half again.

I read that others used a pin to secure the circles to the wreath.  I didn’t have pins, and I also felt like the hot glue gun would provide a more secure hold.

I started the first row on the inside of the wreath.  Then created a second row, and a third.

Three rows was enough to cover everything.  I probably could’ve done a fourth row, but the thought of cutting out 40 more felt circles didn’t sound like fun anymore.

While I love the pink wreath, I kinda would like an ivory colored one too for a general winter decoration.  I think this would be a great addition to a barn wedding 🙂 (Anna…I’m talking to you!)

What do you think?  It reminds me of an Anthropologie wreath I saw a year or so ago that I loved…I wish I had a picture of it.  It was made of a frayed ivory fabric and it looked so rusticly romantic.

Now I need to start planning an organizer for my wreaths.  The amount I have is getting out of hand!

What February projects do you have going on? If you make this wreath (or any other February wreaths) please share your projects!

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