It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday today!  And I spent it like I spend every other day.  All I wanted was to spend some time with my family and friends.  Which I was able to do earlier this weekend.  Friday night my parents and Grandma visited me at my house – with cake so I obviously let them in the door.  Saturday, Justin and I had dinner with a few friends at Kyoto, a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse.  We didn’t go for the food or for my birthday.  We went because it’s fun to catch flying shrimp in your mouth, and it’s fun when the chef yells “Saaaah-keee, Saaaah-keee, Saaaah-keeeh” as he pours nail polish remover alcohol down your throat, even after you ask him to stop.  Yes, that’s my kind of party.  I’m also a huge wimp when it comes to drinking alcohol – so I only got one round of saaaah-keeh and had the most fun watching other people be in the horrible pain the next morning drink.

Justin and I get to spend most of our days together, and honestly, we do special things for each other all the time so a birthday just feels like another day.  Last year, Justin went all out for my birthday, mostly because he was still trying to impress me.  He sent flowers to the house, gave me a beautiful gift and planned an entire evening of surprises; dinner at a fancy-pants restaurant, a comedy show, a drink with just the two of us, then he walked me into a bar where my friends were there to surprise me.  I loved it.  So Much.  He made me feel like the most important person in the world.  But my favorite part was that the took the time to plan it.

This year, I knew he felt like he would have to top that.  I told him that I only want one thing

the Young House Love book, which will be released tomorrow.  I am the type of person who will buy myself something if I feel like I need it…okay, if I want it.  So when Justin nervously presented me with my birthday gift, he admitted that he was a bit unsure of what I would think because it was different. For anyone waiting for my Facebook status to change to “engaged” – we are not.  Justin…wait for it…hired Designer Blogs to re-design my blog for me!  Oh, and he said I can expect the YHL book on Wednesday!  Holy cow – best. gift. ever.  I am so excited to work with a designer to get the look I want and am proud of!!  Justin, you’re a genius.  And the greatest friend and boyfriend a girl could ever have.  So, today, we did nothing special it was just another day – spent some time at a friends house watching the Lion’s kick some butt (this is what Justin told me in a recap of the game later), went to a used bookstore, Costco, Michael’s, and Target, and then picked up a pizza to take home.  Yup – my kind of birthday.  And the best one yet.

How could he ever top that!?

PS – I didn’t take a break today from some projects.  In fact, I’ve done a ton this weekend!  So I have some great material for this week – and a new look coming soon!!



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