Mason Jar Mummies

I recently found a Mummy Candle Jar idea on Pinterest and thought it would be cute to do these in lieu of pumpkins this year.  Since I was out of town the last two weekends, it didn’t make sense to carve pumpkins just to have them rot before I could enjoy them.

Here is an easy project made of medical bandage wrap, mason jars, paper and a candle.  The original design came from here.  I didn’t have the goog-ley eyes (I only get these for Justin), so I just cut out some paper and stuck ‘er on.  I had everything else on hand because I am a mason jar hoarder, and because Justin slid into 3rd during softball playoffs last week (so I had plenty of bandages on hand).  The candles inside are actually Christmas scented – I’m hoping the trick-or-treaters enjoy the balsam fir scents emanating from my  home.

Seriously, adorable…right?!

This is one of my favorite Halloween projects. Ever.  I completed it while eating dinner – it was that easy!  And they are so cute.  Even though I did these instead of carving pumpkins, I think they would look cute on the front porch next to some nicely carved squash 🙂  Don’t worry – Justin will get his bandages back after October 31st.  Note:  These were unused bandages.  Bloody bandages, although appropriate, just didn’t seem healthy.

Who else has bought way too much candy this year? Have you carved the old traditional pumpkin or did you switch it up this year? 

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